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Zhouzhuang's primary attraction is the town itself, and aside from periodic festivals, low-key teahouses and restaurants, there's not a lot going on as it is, after all, a small town on the water. The way to enjoy life in Zhouzhuang is to take a leisurely cruise in a boat, relax in a teahouse alongside a canal and see if you can't find a folk music or opera performance taking place. The Zhouzhuang Museum is worth visiting for a quick impression of the region's fishing culture and the usual arts and crafts can be found around town in various stalls, boutiques and small galleries.

Festivals & Events

Zhouzhuang is home to a number of colorful folk festivals and events, from frequent long boat races held on holidays and to celebrate marriages (teams consisting of some dozen scullers are driven by drums and gongs). Lantern races are also popular, with lantern-bedecked boats presenting a charming spectacle. During the Lantern Festival, held two weeks after the Chinese New Year, poles with "golden lanterns" are erected in Niulang Temple Square. The "lanterns" are actually packed with fireworks and are blown up during a pyrotechnic freakout that lights the town up quite nicely, delighting the crowds and scaring the evil spirits off for another year. Local festivals follow the Chinese lunar calendar, so be sure to check listings for dates and times.

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