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Zhengzhou is a sprawling industrial metropolis, home to some 7 million people and capital of Henan Province. Although not completely without charm or things to do and see, Zhengzhou is widely regarded as a transit hub—a place at which you have to stop on the way to somewhere nicer. If you have a particular interest in the textile industry, Zhengzhou's primary industry, you might find it significantly more interesting than most. It lies about half way along the Beijing to Guangzhou train line and also the Beijing to Xi'an line, qualifying it China's largest train hub. Just about every major city in China can be accessed from a train that passes through Zhengzhou.

In the late 1940's, Zhengzhou was recognized as Henan's capital city. Urban planners went to work churned out a city as grid like as you are likely to see. Most roads run on a north to south or east to west axis. Although this kind of urban planning will regarded as somewhat soulless to many, the roads are wide and lined with trees and are charming in their own way.

If you should find yourself in transit in Zhengzhou with some time to kill, chances are you'll find Zhengzhou only slightly more exciting than the train ride there or away. Depending on how much time there is, you're faced with a few options. If your time is short a quick dash out to the banks of the Yellow River (approx. 28 km from the train station) is a good way to while away a couple of hours, as is a trip to Erqi Square—the town square which springs to life with markets during the evening hours. If your time is longer, check out some other things to do on Zhengzhou's attraction page.

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