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Deep in the southwestern corner of China, the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau rises from the semi-tropical jungles of Southeast Asia to meet the Laos, Vietnam and the Chinese provinces of Yunnan from their sources in Tibet.

And to compliment all of its geographical and ecological variety, Yunnan also has the greatest number of minorities in any Chinese province. 28 recognized ethnic groups make up over a third of the population, each with its own cuisine, spoken language, festivals, belief systems and mode of dress. With all this natural and cultural diversity, it's no surprise that there are plenty of things to see and do in Yunnan.

Cycle the winding lanes of cities like ancient town of Dali is a laid-back place to dip into backpacker café culture while taking in gorgeous lake and mountain views.

Avid hikers can spend days picking their way along on the ridge of the world's deepest canyon, Tiger Leaping Gorge, trekking through lush Honghe Prefecture where Hui, who are scattered throughout Yunnan and much of western China; and Yunnan's ethnic As for accommodations and transportation in Yunnan, the province's popularity has led to a boom in tourism that has yet to peak, resulting in a slew of new luxury hotels and resorts, yielding plenty of options for travelers of all stripes, as well as upgrades to roads, airports and rail links that make it easier than ever to explore what was once China's most remote hinterland. In other words, Yunnan isn't just for backpackers anymore.

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