Great Wall of China at Zhenbei Tower


RMB 20


8:00am-6:00pm daily

How to get there:

A taxi ride from town costs around RMB 15. Bus No. 11 also runs out the site.

Located 4 km (2.5 mi) north of Yulin, the massive Zhenbei Tower (Zhènběi Tái, 镇北台) is one of the more notable parts of the Great Wall, along with the western end of the Wall at Jiayu Guan and the eastern end at Shanhai Guan. One of the largest towers of the Ming-built Great Wall, its remoteness keeps it from becoming a Badaling-like tourist spectacle.

Completed during the Ming Dynasty in 1607, the tower's name translates as "pacify the north." Atop Hong Shan (Hóng Shān, 红山), this observation post kept watch over an important trade route  near a strategic pass frequented by Mongols and Han Chinese, among others.

Just 2 km (1.2 mi) away, a waterfall pours into a lake at the steep-walled Red Stone Gorge. The walls of the gorge are covered in over a hundred different inscriptions, and, taken together with Zhenhei Tower, makes for a fantastic day trip out of Yulin.

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