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Despite its relatively small size (at least for an eastern Chinese city), little Yiwu (Yìwū, 义乌) cuts a large profile in the world of international trade, thanks to the year-round Yiwu Fairs where it seems every small commodity bearing a "Made in China" label is on display at one point or another.

With a local population of around 750,000 bouyed by an estimated 1 million migrants from around China, Yiwu is in many ways emblematic of China's Reform and Opening period, pursuing Deng Xiaoping's alleged statment that "to get rich is glorious" by way of hard-driving entrepreneurial manufacturing and trade.

Though it is technically under the jurisdiction of nearby Jinhua, Yiwu's fairs have made it perhaps the better-known name, and though it is primarily a destination known to business travelers, Yiwu does have something to offer the tourist who isn't looking to purchase, say, 1,000 pairs of men's trousers at a deep wholesale discount or a bulk sock shipment (Yiwu is, in fact, known as "Sock City" for its prodigious hosiery output).

And even if you're not in the market for bulk small commodities, you'd be missing the point to modern Yiwu and skipped its massive markets, many of which occupy the gargantuan Yiwu International Trade City building. When you've had enough of the manic energy of the markets, the Yiwu RiverXiuhu Park, Songpu Hill, Da'an Pagoda, the ancient village of Chi'an and other nearby attractions provide welcome respite from Yiwu's mercantile buzz.

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