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Yichang (Yíchāng, 宜昌) is known today as the final stop for most tourists on the Three Gorges tour that originates in Chongqing. The third and final gorge, Xiling Gorge, lies within Yichang Prefecture. Yichang is an ancient settlement, like most cities along this stretch of the Yangtze River and is mentioned in the Annals of the Three Kingdoms as a strategic buffer zone between two of those regions, the Shu-Han Kingdom which extended into Chongqing (then known as the Ba Kingdom) and the Chu Kingdom which controlled most of present-day Hubei Province.

The docks at Yichang are busy with cargo, passenger and tourist traffic; if you arrive here from Chongqing you can take a train or even hydrofoil back or you can continue on down the river all the way through Wuhan to Shanghai.

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