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Back when Beijing was still a small-time barbarian-plagued northern outpost, the area around Xi'an (Xī'ān, 西安) was the site of successive dynastic capitals, including the first to unite China, the Qin, whose legendary founder, Qin Shi Huang, ordered the creation and burial of the astonishing Terracotta Army, now one of China's top historical attractions.

Today Xi'an is a modern Chinese city, though the impressive Ming-era Xi'an City Wall, the Tang-era Wild Goose Pagoda and numerous other ancient relics constantly remind one of China's vast history. When you've had your fill of the past, the city offers excellent modern dining, arts & entertainment and shopping. Xi'an hotels make a great base for further exploration of historical Wei River Valley sites like the Terracotta Army, Emperor Qin Shi Huang's Tomb, pagodas, temples, museums and the sacred mountain Hua Shan.

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