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Popular items in Xi'an's souvenir markets and shops include Tang Dynasty-style tri-colored glazed pottery, replicas of the Terracotta Warriors and Tang-style horses, as well as folk handicrafts like intricate paper cutouts and embroidery. It's important to keep in mind that opening prices are usually way too high and that any purported "antiques" are almost certainly fakes.

Shuyuan Men (Art Street)
(Shūyuàn Mén, 书院门)

Under the city wall behind the Forest of Steles Museum, Shu Yuan Men's vendors crowd the stone pavement and Ming- and Qing-style buildings, selling local handicrafts, purported historical relics, calligraphy, paintings, antiques (of questionable provenance), jewels and folk art.

Xi'an Antique Market

Located near the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, here you'll find antiques (real and fake) ranging from furniture to coins.

Wenbaozhai Tour Shopping Center
(Wénbǎozhāi Lǚyóu Gòuwùzhōngxīn, 文宝斋旅游购物中心)

As common stop on organized tours, some visitors appreciate the concentration in one spot of silk, rugs, woolen blankets, jewels, jade, calligraphy, paintings, replica relics, antiques, clay figures and bronze figurines. Others hate it. Either way, before signing up for a tour, you may want to find out exactly how much of your time is slotted (often without being explicitly stated) for this crowded and noisy tourist trap.

The Peasant Painting Gallery
(Hùxiàn Nóngmín Huà Zhǎnlǎnguǎn, 户县农民画展览馆)

On the eastern outskirts of Xi'an, this Shaanxi folk-art gallery exhibits "peasant paintings" as well as intricate paper cutouts and shadow puppet art. Craftspeople are usually on hand to help interested visitors to create their own pieces (making it a great place to take kids).

The Xi'an City Malls

There are many large shopping centers in the area, peddling the typical mix knockoffs and real stuff, from brand-name clothing and electronics to "antiques" and crafts. Try Century Ginwa Shopping Mall, located between the Bell Tower and Drum Tower. Opposite Ginwa is the Kai Yuan Shopping Mall, one of the biggest and most popular department stores in Xi'an. Others include the Minsheng Department Store and Parkson Shopping Center opposite the Grand Metropark Hotel Xi'an.

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