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/hotels-howard-johnson-ginwa-plaza-hotel/h20145.html">Howard Johnson Ginwa Plaza Hotel, Bell Tower Hotel, Skytel Xi'an and City Hotel. Line 2 connects the airport and railway station. Line 3 connects the airport and Huoju Dasha in Xi'an Hi-tech Zone. Line 4 connects the airport and Guomao Dasha in the south, via the Tangcheng Hotel and the Orient Hotel. Line 5 connects the airport and the Jianguo Hotel in the east, via the Empress Hotel. Line 6 connects the airport and downtown Xianyang. Airport shuttle buses depart the downtown area hourly from 6am to 3pm. Line 1 runs until 6pm.


As China's gateway to the west, Xi'an is a major railway hub. The Xi'an North Railway Station (Xī'ān Běi Zhàn, 西安北站) lies about a 30-minute cab ride from the center in the exact cardinal direction you expect. Buses traveling to the railway station can be found on every main street, and cost RMB 1 or 2. Taxi fares should be less than RMB 10 from the city center. Purchasing train tickets can be tricky for international travelers, as the ticket windows are usually crowded and have few English-speaking staff members. Ask for a ticket-booking service at a hotel, which charges a nominal service fee. Try to buy tickets one week in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.


Highway transportation from Xi'an extends in all directions. Long-distance buses run between Xi'an and most of China's major cities. The Xi'an long-distance bus line terminal (chángtúqìchē zhàn, 长途汽车站) lies to the southwest of the railway station. You can usually buy bus tickets on the day of travel.

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