Underwater World Xiamen


RMB 90, children under 1.3m (4ft 3in) RMB 50


8am-6:30pm daily, last tickets sold at 5:30pm

How to get there:

Close to Sanqiutian Wharf (Sānqiūtián Mǎtóu, 三丘田码头), Gulangyu's ferry terminal. The entrance is marked by a gigantic bronze octopus.


(86 59) 2206 2668



Underwater World Xiamen (Xiàmén Hǎidǐ Shìjiè, 厦门海底世界) is one of Mainland China's more impressive aquariums. It's home to more than 10,000 aquatic critters and creatures from around the world. The collection includes a large selection of fish, dolphins, penguins, eels, lobsters, sharks, starfish, seals, sturgeons and even a few piranhas shipped in from the Amazon.

There is an underwater glass viewing tunnel which enables you to check out the sharks and other marine life up close. This is the highlight of Underwater Sea World; many of the other enclosures may leave some feeling a little sorry for their occupants.

Park patrons are also welcome to feed and take photos with the dolphins. Feeding the turtles and shark pups is also available for the more adventurous.

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