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Xiamen has the usual selection of accommodation options, from the dank and grimy budget digs to the ultra plush luxury hotels. You can find hotels all over town, but many tourists opt to stay in downtown Xiamen around Zhongshan Lu (Zhōngshān Lù, 中山路) and the Ferry Terminal. This area tends to be a little more pricey than others, but cheap rooms can be found if you spend a little time looking. Check out the Home Inn (Siming Road) for low prices, clean rooms and a convenient location or splash out on the Wydham Xiamen.

Those looking for something a little less urban should head along the coast road to the Asia Gulf, a good value mid-range hotel offering beach side accomodation. Not far from the Asia Gulf toward Xiamen University (Xiàmén Dàxué, 厦门大学) is the small village of Zeng Cuo An (Zéng Cuò An Cūn, 曾厝垵村), a bohemian enclave of chilled out guesthouses, bars and restaurants.

And of course, lovely Gulangyu is a haven of hotels, hostels and guesthouses of all stripes. For a touch of old colonial splendor check out the Miryam Boutique hotel. The Yang Tao Hotel starts at RMB 287 and offers a range of bright and airy rooms.

If you arrive in town via the railway station, prepare to be approached by people trying to drag you to a hotel they represent. These guys can be pretty insistent and are known to follow tourists around and even attempt to bargain on their behalf for room prices at hotels (for a small fee). Ignoring these people is well advised, even if you don't have a hotel booked.

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