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Zhongshan Lu (Zhōngshān Lù, 中山路) is Xiamen's best known shopping area. It's a lovely area featuring Portuguese style architecture with covered sidewalks and a myriad of small stores selling the local specialties—silver and jade jewelery, antiques, calligraphy and, of course, pearls. Shop keepers are always willing to bargain but you should, as always, beware of fakes.

Other prominent shopping areas can be found on Gulangyu, Xiahe Lu (Xiàhé Lù, 厦禾路) and the area adjacent to Xiamen University and Nanputuo Temple. Most of these places feature the same kinds of products, but from time to time you can dig up some real treasures. Check out the shop on the left of the Nanputuo Temple gate for some really unique art created by local monks.

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