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Taxi fares in Xiamen start at RMB 8 during the day, plus an RMB 1 fuel surcharge (RMB 2 for journeys over 3 km/1.8 mi) and 20% extra between 3-5am. After the first 3 km, each additional kilometer is RMB 2. Taxi stations are often located near bus stations, shopping malls or supermarkets or you can flag them down on the street. If you run into problems with your driver or suspect he or she is taking you for a ride in a figurative sense, you can call the taxi complaints hotline at (86 592) 561 5610.

Xiamen Kangfu Taxis: (86 592) 228 6093

Xiamen Haixia Taxis: (86 592) 577 3888


Xiamen by bike offers a wonderful round-the-island perspective, especially along the coast road Huándǎo Lù which offers a lengthy scenic coastal bike path. Bike rental is available at several points along this strip including Baicheng Beach (Báichéng Hǎitān, 白城海滩), Hulishan Fort (Húlǐshān Pàotái, 湖里山炮台), and the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. Rates range from RMB 30-50 per day with single-seat, tandems and four wheelers available.


As the main vehicle for visitors to reach Gulangyu, the Xia-Gu dedicated ferry runs exclusively between Xiamen Island (from the Lujiang Ferry Pier just in front of the Lujiang Hotel) and Gulangyu. Operating from 6am to 11pm ferries depart every few minutes, then until midnight, every 20 minutes. The crossing takes 8-10 minutes. The one-way fee is 3 RMB plus 1 RMB for upper deck seats. You can also hop on your own private speedboat with prices around RMB 50 for the 3-minute journey.

It is also possible to take a round-the-island-tour of Gulangyu offering pretty views of the island from every angle (RMB 15).

Xiamen Steamer Head Office
33 Lujiang Lu (Lùjiāng Lù, 鹭江路), Passenger Travel Wharf, Xiamen
Tel: (86 592) 212 5187
Inquiry hotline: (86 592) 2135051


Xiamen has numerous local car rental companies including Taicheng, Yingshi, Dongshunfa and Xinnan, which offer varied services according to clients' needs with self drive (Chinese driving license required) or chauffeur service available.

To and From Xiamen


Ferries run from Xiamen to Kinmen (a small Tawainese island just 2 km/1.2 mi off the Fujian coast) from one of Xiamen's two international ferry terminals, Wutong Passengers Port (Wǔtōng Kèyùn Mǎtóu, 五通客运码头) on Huandao Road near Xiamen International Airport, or Xiamen International Ferry Terminal in Dongdu (Dōngdù Xiàmén Guójì Yóulún Zhōngxīn, 东渡厦门国际邮轮中心 ). Fast boats (approx. one hour from Dongdu and 30 mins from Wutong) depart every hour from 8:30am to 5:30pm and tickets cost RMB 160 one way—be sure to arrive 20 minutes before boarding for customs formalities and make sure you have a double or multi-entry visa to return to China. This is also a handy alternative to Hong Kong for those whose China visas require a regular exit-entry stamp. As there is only one port on Kinmen Island for Xiamen, and the timetable alternates between Dongdu and Wutong, if you leave Xiamen from one port, it is faster to head back to the other port.


Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport lies on the north side of Xiamen Island and is China's fourth largest international entry and exit airport after Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Construction of a second terminal is due to finish in 2014.

Currently there are 34 international and regional flight routes from Xiamen, covering Europe, southeast Asia, Korea, Japan, USA, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan with Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Seoul and Amsterdam also covered since March 2011. There are daily flights from Xiamen to all major Chinese cities including flights to Beijing, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Dalian, Guangzhou, Guilin, Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an and more.

Getting to and from the airport

Taxis cost RMB 30-40 from the airport to downtown depending on your final destination.

The airport shuttle bus (RMB 6) runs from the shuttle bus station, a 3-5 minute walk from the arrival hall (turn right at the exit).

Five public bus routes run from the Airport Bus Station (turn left out of Arrival Hall, about 200-250 m) to downtown Xiamen:

Bus 27: Airport to Ferry Station 
Bus 37: Airport to Xiamen Railway Station
Bus 41: Airport to Bonded Area 
Bus 81: Airport to Lianhua Er Cun
Bus 91: Airport Xiamen International Exhibition Center

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