Xihui Park



Incorporating the two hills Xi Shan (Xī Shān, 锡山) and Hui Shan (Huì Shān, 惠山), Xihui Park (Xīhuì Gōngyuán, 锡惠公园) sits west of town. The top of Xi Shan is the highest point in the park, punctuated by Longguang Pagoda (Lóngguāng Tǎ, 龙光塔)—a rebuilt Ming Dynasty tower with great views of Tai Lake (Tai Hu) and the Grand Canal cutting through Wuxi. The peak can be reached by foot or by cable car.

Atop Hui Shan is Hui Temple (Huìshān Sì, 惠山寺), built during the Six Dynasties Period, which is surrounded by an impressive azalea garden. Below sits classical Ming Dynasty Jichang Garden (Jìchàng Yuán, 寄畅园) with walkways winding around rockeries and pavilions and over ponds.

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