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Turtle Head Isle, Wuxi: Address & how to get to Turtle Head Isle | Bamboo Compass

Turtle Head Isle



Turtle Head Isle Scenic Area (Yuántóuzhǔ, 鼋头渚) is really a narrow peninsula jutting into Tai Lake, which, if you use your imagination, looks like the long craning neck of a turtle. It's primarily a park with some nice, close-up views of the lake.

Scenic walking paths, viewpoints, teahouses, boat rides on the lake and the Wuxi Film Studios theme park make up the bulk of the attractions here. The Brightness Pavilion (Guāngmíng Dǐng, 光明顶), sits on an hillside and from its slightly elevated position offers some of the best views on the "isle." There are some hotels and restaurants in the scenic area if you feel like sticking around and enjoy the scenery for a little longer or tucking in to some famous Tai Lake white fish. There's also a monorail (more like a toy train) that circles the park if you don't feel like walking.

The entrance fee seems a bit pricy, but does includes a ferry trip to Three Hill Island, where the best low-level views of the lake can be had.

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