Longquan Shan Scenic Area


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Longquan Shan Scenic Area is located 20 km away from downtown, in the southeastern suburbs of Wuhan City. Situated by Liangzi Lake, the scenic area is bordered with water on three sides. Two mountain ranges stretch from the west to the east for about 9 km through the scenic area, forming a valley view area of about 7.6 square kilometers.

Longquan Shan Mountain was called Jiangxia Shan before Tang Dynasty. Many hermits and literati once lived here. At the end of Tianbao Period of Tang Dynasty, a high official named Li Xi dug two holes here for spring water and thus formed eastern and western two wells. A surprising thing is that the two wells can predict the weather. If there is vapor rising from the eastern well, then it will be a sunny day while if it is rising from the western well, it will be a rainy day. Therefore people called this mountain "Lingquan Shan (Spiritual Spring Mountain)" and later became Longquan Shan (Dragon Spring Mountain).

Nine tombs for kings were also built on the mountain during the reign of Ming Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang

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