Purple Cloud Temple


RMB 10


8:30am-6:30pm daily

How to get there:

Wudang Shan's fleet of green tourist buses ply this route on a regular basis and run from 8:30am to 6:30pm. The temple doesn't exactly close at that time, but if you don't catch the last bus, it's a good 30-minute hike up the road to the Nanyang Tourist Center (Nányán Lǚyóu Zhōngxīn, 南岩旅游中心).

Zixiao Gong (Zǐxiāo Gōng, 紫霄宫), or the "Purple Cloud Temple" is a sizable and aesthetically pleasing early Ming temple and monastery. Built against the slopes of the mountain, the structure is built in a succession of platforms that get progressively higher, offering increasingly attractive views of Wudang Shan's sea of jungle-studded peaks. 

The area is very photogenic, so don't forget your camera. If you're there at the right times, you'll have the opportunity to watch worshipers bowing to the monks as they enact a number of ceremonies before a golden statue of the benevolent-looking Yellow Emperor.

To the left and right, after the first flight of steps, you can find pavilions housing giant statues of tortoises built from single slabs of rock.

As you approach by bus, you'll notice a strip of small storefronts hawking curios, memorabilia and snacks just before the entrance to the temple. The furthest one from the temple is a little restaurant serving tasty eats at low prices.

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