Women of the Sword, Sesame Seeds and Lü Bu

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Posted: July 23rd, 2011 | Updated: July 22nd, 2011 | Comments

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Maybe you've gone to the corner store for some bottled water and a lighter and while you wait for your change you've stared uncomprehendingly at the comics and peanuts. Then you just walked back upstairs and resumed Modern Warfare.

You've been missing out, my friend...

Of the dozens of marvelous stories on this particular table, in a shot taken by Elainee Wu, we can only see three: "The Cold As Ice Woman of the Sword," "The 7th Degree Sesame Seed Official" and the "Death of Lü Bu."

Can the Woman of the Sword defeat her arch-enemy, the Hot as Hell Duke of the Mace, or will they end up making passionate love in a swirl of fire and snow? Can the Sesame Seed Official resist the bribes of the evil Wu Clan, or will he too, succumb to the pervading darkness? What can possibly kill Lü Bu, the martial arts master who fought the heroes of the Three Kingdoms to a standstill? Buy yo'self a bag of peanuts, grab your dictionary (or significant Chinese other) and find out!

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