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Wait—you haven't bought your F1 tickets yet? | Bamboo Compass

Wait—you haven't bought your F1 tickets yet?

by China Travel
Posted: April 7th, 2013 | Updated: April 3rd, 2014 | Comments

Like Sebastian Vettel driving a car powered on some sort of automobile equivalent of his sponsor's famous energy drink, the China F1 Grand Prix is fast approaching. So where are your tickets? One of the benefits of Shanghai's recently-built, modern F1 track, is that Grandstand A was built with the view in mind and seats here take in over 80% of the entire circuit; something that is impossible with many of the older street circuits. However, given recent controversy between the current world champion, Sebastian Vettel, and his teammate, Mark Webber, Lower Grandstand A tickets might be a better way to go: overlooking the pit lane, these offer the perfect vantage point to see if Vettel will ignore his crew again, maybe even resulting in a bitter crew member slashing his tires. Maybe. More after the jump.... During the recent Malaysian Grand Prix, Vettel allegedly ignored team orders not to pass his teammate Webber. With eleven laps remaining, Vettel passed Webber and won the race, leading to a breakdown in their team relationship, and a furious Webber. That could make Sub-Grandstand H and Sub-Grandstand K tickets the place to be then, as both feature the longest straightaway of the track, specifically engineered to be the spot to overtake another car as it has a wider section of track that encourages the practice. Hint hint, Vettel. With drama on and off the track, 2013 should be an exciting F1 race no matter why you're there or where you're sitting, so if you haven't got your tickets yet, get on the phone and call Ctrip on 400 619 9999 (option 3) as all ticket types are still available. And if you're worried this will be the day the track finally sinks into the ground (which would obviously make for the most exciting race ever), then you should probably check out the rest of the Shanghai tours offered.

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