Undiscovered munchies: photos, maps of Shanghai's street food secrets!

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Posted: June 24th, 2010 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
One of my favorite things about Taiwan (where I lived for four years previous to my sojourn in Shanghai) was the profusion of night markets you can find in the cities there.
Night markets are awesome. If there's somewhere to experience a full out cultural shelI shocking, the night markets are the place to go. They've got everything. People chopping up frogs and chucking their guts in dirty boxes, young couples sipping pearl milk tea walking hand in hand, pot-bellied men with their t-shirts rolled up to their chests smoking a cigarette while burping a baby at 2 a.m.. Pirated DVDs, rolex watches, DKNY glasses, iPods, as well as lingerie, crazy children's toys (think incredibly detailed "Alien" figurines), and bizarre games that are part video arcade game (think joystick and buttons) and part grab-a-stuffed-toy-with-the-claw-game (but you don't claw stuffed animals, you try and suck up a gold fish out of the aquarium that sits where the video arcade game screen should be), and everywhere, the sonic clash of umpteen Chinese techno songs blaring at full volume. It'll rattle your brain. Night markets are a smorgasborg for the senses. Not only are there goods and foods on sale, there's plenty of people watching to be done as well (trust me, the locals are people watching you!). So upon my arrival here, I was disappointed to discover that Shanghai doesn't really have any night markets. That is, until I discovered the one on Fangbang Lu. Though not offering quite the mental shellacking, or diversity of products and food of, say, Taichung's Fengchia University night market, Fangbang Road's night market is still worth visiting. There are plenty of shops along the way and the food street offers a selection of snacks that I haven't found anywhere else. See pictures below to see what I mean. Fangbang Lu is situated within the Zhongshan/Renmin Lu loop that circles Yu Garden, but there's a google map at the bottom of page to help you find its precise location. If you decide to go visit, do make sure to check out the great views off the terrace at nearby Summer on the Bund just down the street in the park on the corner of Fuyou Lu. Yu Garden is right next door too if you'd like to check that out.

Fangbang Lu night market's Renmin Lu entrance

Fangbang Road shops on the way to the snack street

A little girl hones her vending skills on the laowai taking her picture.

Baby gets a load of Fangbang Lu's sights and sounds

The archway over the snack street portion of the market

A few steps in...

Looking back towards the archway

It took a long time before the street got clear enough of people to take this shot.

Haven't seen this type of stuff at other Shanghai food streets...

Mountains of noodles, fried breads and more...

Let's not forget the always indispensible crayfish!

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