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Grape Valley (Putao Gou) stretches outside of Turpan toward the nearby Flaming Mountains. Turpan and its surrounding karez-fed agricultural lands are known for their fruit orchards and vineyards. By late summer, the grapes are ripe, making it is a wonderful time to visit.

It's a pleasure to wander through the vinyards, shaded by fruit-laden trellises and surrounded by stark desert. After a few hours out and about in this unique landscape, you can sample the local wine at a local winery, whether the rich and dark port-like red or the lighter more fruity white.

Turpan exports both wine and raisins, but they taste best at the source. If you're in town in August, try to make the grape festival, where song, dance, good food, wine and lots of happy visitors combine for a wonderful time under the clear desert skies. 

Backed by the Flaming Mountains (which really are quite red), lying alongside a river underneath blue skies in the day and a starry field at night, Grape Valley is a fantastic spot to relax and recuperate from exploring Turpan's nearby attractions.

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