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Traveler's Choice Awards vs. Dirtiest Hotels 2011: Where does China stand? | Bamboo Compass

Traveler's Choice Awards vs. Dirtiest Hotels 2011: Where does China stand?

by Stephan Larose
Posted: January 28th, 2011 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Hotel G, Beijing #3 on the Traveler's Choice Awards China list There's always a little trepidation in choosing an unknown hotel isn't there? A hotel could be a dream come true or an absolute nightmare, so it's always good to be armed with a few hotel reviews before you make your choice. The problem is, there are just so many reviews to choose from! Fortunately, every year TripAdvisor gives us all a little shortcut by releasing two quintessential lists: the Traveler's Choice Awards and the year's Dirtiest Hotels. Now, we offer our own wealth of China hotel reviews (click the hotel tab above for the latest), and if China-specific reviews are a must then Ctrip English's new vetted members-only China hotel reviews are essential reading, but hey, if TripAdvisor is going to let us know about the absolute best and worst hotels in China (and the world), we're going to let you know! So where does China stand this year? Read on...Right smack in the middle, that's where China stands. There isn't a single Chinese hotel to be found in either the top 25 hotels in the world list or on the Dirtiest Hotels 2011 Asia list. However, TripAdvisor does break the top hotels list into regions and, compared to the top 25 hotels China 2010 list, there has been quite a shakeup. Chengdu's Dali, made the top of the list this year. Congratulations to the Lindens! If you're planning any China travels in the near future, take a look at both the Traveler's Choice Awards and Dirtiest Hotels lists first, it's the quickest way to see the best and the worst. And when you do choose your China hotel, may we suggest our most excellent sponsor Ctrip?
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