Travel + Leisure Mag names Lhasa, Tibet "Hottest Travel Destination 2011"

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Posted: January 17th, 2011 | Updated: January 9th, 2012 | Comments
Coloful Tibetan Yak Hey! This just in.... if you haven't got your 2011 travel plans all figured out already, you might want to work a trip to Tibet fits into your schedule. It's not that you didn't already know that, but Tibet at the tippy top of their list of the hottest new travel destinations for 2011 (check out T + L's entire list here). We heartily agree with their choice! Tibet, that forlorn, oxygen-deprived land of rugged, rubble-strewn moonscapes and jagged, sky-stabbing peaks is a travel dream come true precisely because of all its surprises and contradictions. Who would think a landscape so hostile to human habitation could sustain a culture as gentle and balanced as Tibetan Buddhism? Who would imagine that a landscape offering such a grim, stony palate could inspire such colorful art and architecture? For veteran and first-time travelers alike, Tibet offers much more than a Potala Palace photo-op and a quick visit to Mt. Everest base camp. Tibet is huge area offering a host of things to see, hear, taste, feel and do, so much so in fact that it doesn't hurt to read up on it a little before you decide to go. Over the years has amassed quite a lot of material in this respect, much of which you might find useful if inclined to visit T + L's 2011 top pick. First, check out our Tibet destination guide, we have great info on Tibet, Lhasa and other Tibetan destinations and attractions. View our China Travel Forum and input "Lhasa" or "Tibet" in the search box for useful tips and hints about travel there. If you're looking for more travelers to join your party, you can also open up a forum thread and give your fellow China travelers a shout out. Finally, there's also a wealth of photos, travel reports and blogger comment about Tibet on the China Travel Blog. Click this: China Travel Blog Tibet to see a list of our Tibet-related content or click the tag labeled "Tibet."
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