Top 10 China Travel Feature Stories for 2008

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Posted: January 5th, 2009 | Updated: July 23rd, 2010 | Comments
Top 10 China travel stories 2008 recently celebrated its first birthday. Now we'd like to share with you a roundup of our most popular Travel Feature stories of 2008. We look forward to more of your comments, questions and stories in 2009. Tom Carter's "Portrait of a People" Tom Carter's Two-Year China Photo Odyssey A photographer, his camera,  a backpack, two years, one country, 56 cultures, 1.3 billion people, 33 provinces and 56,000 kilometers. Bling da Noize: A Canadian MC on Hip Hop in China Ever wonder what it's like to be a Canadian rapper barnstorming China's hip-hop club scene? You can stop wondering: Let MC Blingman introduce you ... Camping the Great Wall: Escape from Simatraz What happens when a couple of foreigners play barbarian and occupy a piece of the Great Wall of China for a weekend? Prison Break, anyone? Halloween Food Fright: Hungry Dan vs. Wangfujing Our Hungry Dan Halloween special sees the Rogue Gourmand take on scorpion, centipede, starfish and other nutty Beijing tricks 'n treats. Anne Warr on Shanghai Architecture Past & Present Australian architect Anne Warr talks about her favorite Shanghai buildings—old and new—from the Jin Mao Tower to the Peace Hotel. Some things take a while getting used to Got Cold Chicken Feet? China Culture Shock Therapy A guide to coping with culture shock in China and six things you should really know about its people, food, travel, history and culture.... Kashgar: The Far West of the Far East The wail of prayers from the Id Kah Mosque made it hard for me to believe that I was still in the Middle Kingdom. But there I was, walking the narrow streets of Kashgar's Old Town. China's Top 10 Romantic Destinations A nation of 1.3 billion has a lot of love to celebrate. That makes China the world's largest honeymoon destination. And we've picked China's top romantic getaways: Vegas-glitz, 1920's glam, Himalayan resorts, cruises and beach holidays. Shanghai's Foodie Heaven: The Kitchen at Hauihailu The Kitchen at Huaihailu takes hands-on foodies around the culinary world as easily as it puts them in home-style Shanghainese heaven. Let's eat! Is your Chinese etiquette up to snuff? Know Before You Go: Chinese Customs Learning a little about Chinese customs gets you a long way in a country where tradition helps a billion-plus people navigate changing times. For's Top Ten Most Popular Forum Posts of 2008, go here.
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