Grand Mercy Monastery




9:00am - 4:30pm

How to get there:

The monastery is at 26 Tianwei Lu (Tiánwěi Lù, 田尾路), near the intersection with Sima Lu (Sìmǎ Lù, 四马路).

Tianjin's famous Grand Mercy Monastery (Dàbēi Chányuàn, 大悲禅院) is located beside the Haihe River on Tianwei Lu (Tiánwěi Lù, 田尾路). Belonging to the Zen (Chan) School of Buddhism, the Grand Mercy Monastery is one of the biggest and best-preserved Zen Temples in northern China, though many of the monastery's buildings had to be rebuilt after the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. The temple is divided into two parts: the Old Temple, built in 1669 during the Qing Dynasty, and the New Temple, added in 1940, which houses an impressive antique—a golden statue of Sakyamuni Buddha dating back to the Ming Dynasty. Worshippers and visitors alike flock to see this antique as well as numerous other stunning Buddhist carvings situated in both the new and old temples.

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