The Whiny Foreigner Corner: Don't worry, EVERYBODY thinks China's holiday schedule's crazy

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Posted: August 5th, 2010 | Updated: July 13th, 2012 | Comments
The official Chinese government sanctioned national holiday schedule We just came across this post at travel in China, or just wondering what's going on in this vast, colorful nation, it's a decent site to visit. They've translated an piece originally appearing on featuring Chinese netizen reactions to the government's official holiday schedule. We'd say it's pretty messed up, but indecipherable holiday schedule pictures speak a thousand messed-up words, so we'll let the picture and Chinese netizens do the talking. If you aren't familiar with how national holidays go down in China, here' s a little primer.... Expats usually feel like the national holidays they get are no holiday at all--on the contrary, it feels a bit like being on the receiving end of a shell game or card trick. Frequently, days off occur during the week but then have to be made up on the weekend.  You may get Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off, but then you have to work on both the preceding and following Saturdays—ouch! So sometimes you don't actually get any additional time off, and you have to work a six or seven day week or two to boot. Or you do indeed get extra time, but after or just before a nice holiday, you face a lengthened work week. Sound like fun? We're not really sure why it's done that way, but it seems  to have do with the fact that a huge chunk of China's labor force works in factories. This schedule apparently gives factories the flexibility to offer their employees either weekend or weekday holidays. That mitigates the impact on production so that it doesn't come grinding to a complete halt. Anyways, it appears that expats aren't the only ones who tear their hair out seeing their vacation plans "administrativised," (that's a Chinese netizen original, we think it works!). Check the comments at eChinaCities for a taste of some homegrown Chinese fury!
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