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The best China travel stories from around the net | Bamboo Compass

The best China travel stories from around the net

by Miller Wey
Posted: July 9th, 2012 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
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The past few days, I've been reconnecting with my Shanghai neighborhood and thinking about the part of China just outside my window. Along with a good friend in town visiting, I've explored nearby local attractions I'd previously neglected to see like the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center and gotten myself better acquainted with the little restaurants on my block.

China's a big country, though, and the community I live in now is pretty different even from where I lived before in Ningbo, just two and a half hours south by bus. So you can imagine that someone living a plane ride away from Shanghai sees a very different China outside his or her door.

Author, adventurer, photographer, etc. Jeff Fuchs spends a lot of time in western China and is submitting his photos of nomadic life in China from the region to the One Life International Photography Contest. The contest, currently in its 3rd year, is seeking photography "that illuminates your perspective, your community, what you love, your travels—anything that reflects your world and experience" and is offering over $75,000 in prizes. We wish Jeff luck, but doubt he needs it with his incredible collection. Read on for more in China travel this week....

  • Speaking of the neighborhood outside your door, what happens when it's suddenly way more convenient to get there? Here in Shanghai, development often follows the arteries of the Metro as they grow throughout the city. China Urban Development Blog looks into what an Hong Kong Island's Western District. The extension will help commuting students to HKU, but what effect will it have on the less-developed district?
  • For some, even the most remote part of Hong Kong may seem too developed. With travelers like those in mind, GoChengdoo has a great travel guide this week to Chongqing. The charming village has lost some of its original structures and is under threat of further demolition, but much of the history remains.
  • For others, remoteness isn't the goal. As ChinaTravel.net readers may already know, our own Aimee and her fella often go around China for sport and intense competition. This week, blogger Bikedan reports on the Genghis Khan Adventure—an intense biking competition in Inner Mongolia. Best start with Bikedan's preview of the Genghis Khan Adventure, unless you're feeling like a Memento-style blog read.
  • Blazing through the grasslands of Inner Mongolia may not be the best of ideas due to the recent poor weather in much of coastal China. Poor "scardy cat" blogger Sally at unbrave girl found herself China's number one easy city" lives up to its name.
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