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The best China travel stories from around the net | Bamboo Compass

The best China travel stories from around the net

by James Weir
Posted: January 22nd, 2012 | Updated: January 21st, 2012 | Comments
China travel features_china travel news_china travel blogs_china travel stories Chinese New Year The picture on your right was taken almost exactly one year ago today. I returned from a sojourn in Laos to an already smoke-screened Shanghai—and my flight landed at six in the evening. By the time I took this photo, from the top of a hotel roof at around midnight, the city was shrouded in a haze of firecracker fumes and was showing no sign of stopping. So my guess is that while you read this, outside your window things are beginning to heat up (that is, if you're in China, and not on a beach somewhere). There's red everywhere, dragons in doorways and windows and the noise of a celebration is settling in. But that is not to say that the world has stopped! In fact, this past week was so chock full of China travel news that I was forced to leave many worthy stories on the cutting room floor. Sorry about that, second-tier news. We'll start things off with a lighthearted story culled from Shanghaiist. With inclinations that would make a young Kerouac proud, a university student in Suzhou and a friend have decided to up and walk all the way home to Yancheng. The pair think they can make the 400 km (250 mi) trip in time to get back for New Year's Eve. Lets hope they do! Read on for more links after the jump...
  •  Spending a cold week in Beijing? Worried that you'll have nothing to do but watch all six (amazing) episodes of Sherlock for the third time? Fret no more, my friends, because Time Out Beijing has put together an extensive list of things to do in Beijing during Chinese New Year.
  • There are few places more rugged than Xinjiang. What is so amazing is that the cities that exist today often have existed for many, many centuries, long before the advent of modern technologies that ease the burden of living in extreme climates. Far West China (you'll need a VPN or proxy in China to get around the Great Firewall) has gone ahead and explained to us all how exactly such a dry climate has supported life so well for so long. It's super awesome, actually.
  • If you're anything like me, you love Ningbo. So you'll be pleased to hear that the Park Hyatt in Ningbo has finally opened. Thank god. I've been trying to get my Ningbo on in style, but it hasn't been possible until now. Book a room here on Ctrip. Let the party commence.
  • Living in China can dull your senses. You become accustomed to things that were once unthinkable, and the sheer scale of this country begins to fade into your rear-view. So it's good to be reminded from time to time what it was like at first glance, how strange, how mystifying. One ex-expat put it well, with this post about returning to Beijing as a tourist after living there as an expat for two years.
  • You should probably just go to this place. Don't ask questions. Just go.
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