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Posted: July 6th, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes LIJIANG_BLUE MOON VALLEY_2_top Meet Kenny Teo, a self-taught Singaporean photographer whose love of the art lies with the early morning light, landscapes and a passion for travel. We came across Kenny's zoompict Flickr photostream and loved the vibrant colors and compositions. Here he shares his story and a selection of his favorite images of China. >>> I'm a home grown, 43-year-old Singaporean who discovered photography during my teenage years. Our family couldn't afford a conventional SLR camera, just those disposable instant cameras. However, one day, my elder sibling came home with a discarded but functional compact Kodak film camera and, as we began to see the images processed by the lab we were amazed by the pictures—though the quality was below average, we were happy to see ourselves and our family in a photo album. After I completed my national service at 21, I landed a job as a photographer for the Singapore Tourism Board, despite having no experience. One of my relatives was a well-known photographer there and sold me her recently bought three-month-old Nikon FM2 and taught me some essential instant techniques before my interview. Luckily I am a quick learner by nature and was successfully engaged! As a photographer there for five or six years through the early 90s, I learned through trial and error and quickly progressed. [pullquote]I was totally mesmerized by the beautiful, faint and magical lighting that is cast on the surface of natural seascape or landscape scenes [/pullquote]These days I specialize in landscape photography and also do some events work. I am fascinated by pre-dawn (technically known as "the magic hour"). I was totally mesmerized by the beautiful, faint and magical lighting that is cast on the surface of natural seascape or landscape scenes and became excited and curious about the "How?", "What?" and the "Why?" and through research and self-study, learned from articles written and shared by great photography masters. I believe everyone can be a photographer, and that exploring greater depth and angles brings a more versatile, three-dimensional impact to the viewer. I hardly ever stand on both feet and shoot at eye level but usually go either higher or much lower to find a better vantage point, using a 10-20 mm wide angle lens for greater dramatic effect. When your photo is highly praised and had good comments from surrounding friends and buyers, I think that is a true inspiration and motivation to say "let's make it big" and go out to take photographs every day. Traveling is the thing I most look forward to for my photography. Singapore is a beautiful and multi-racial society, but some deem my country to be nothing more than concrete landmarks with no natural scenery; there are no natural landscapes or seascapes except for some skyscrapers. It's only the major, man-made, high-tech structures that are really known to the world, like the Esplanade Theater and the recent state-of-the-art Marina Bay Sands. I really rely on my overseas trips to enhance my collection of good quality photographs, and, like everyone, I like the new and fresh feeling of being on holiday overseas. During my travels, I take particular care to check and get the right timing for each location, however, the skill of getting the correct metering, exposure and the best composition combined with good weather is a big factor for photographers and can often come down to luck—traveling does not permit one to repeat the same location if not done correctly. Traveling provides me with even greater depth and opportunity to see the hidden beauty differently from others. I want to capture each spectacular individual scenery through my lens as a trademark of my own and to share with the world the beauty and inspiration within it. I'd like to explore the inner parts of China like near Nepal in the near future if I have the budget or sponsorship soon. I believe that every pictures tells more than a thousand words and in these images of Yunnan, it is the natural substance of each element, the tranquility and beauty that really draw me in. Please view in silence and enjoy with your inner heart... LIJIANG_Autumn_Heilong Tan Garden_Kenny Teo Yunnan_waterfall_lijiang_blue moon valley_Kenny teo Yunnan_Shika snow mountain_我爬 石卡雪山_Kenny Teo china_Dali old town_Kenny Teo Dali_大理崇聖寺三塔_Kenny Teo_three pagodas China_Kunming_ 童真_Children Of The World_Kenny Teo Shika Snow Mountain_2 China LIJIANG_BIG WHEEL_Kenny Teo Old man and child_Kenny teo All images © Kenny Teo If you've enjoyed Kenny's photography then please visit his zoompict Flickr photostream where there are plenty more to see.
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