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Posted: July 18th, 2011 | Updated: July 19th, 2011 | Comments
travel in China_life in China_china blogs_china travel Hong Kong blog_relationship between Hong Kong and mainland China Meet Jin Wong, a Hong Kong girl with something to say about pretty much everything you might encounter in the SAR, from fashion, food and language to Hong Kong-Mainland culture clashes and the downright weird stuff of everyday life. If you've ever wondered why Hong Kongers are so obsessed with the number 8, or just what exactly is a "Kong Girl?" then this is the blog for you. Read on for Jin's tips on what to do (or what not to do) on your next trip to Hong Kong.>>> China Travel: Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to set up your blog, Hong Kong Girl Talk. Jin: I'm a Hong Kong Chinese, digital nerd and cultural enthusiast, always fascinated by the creepy and exciting culture in Hong Kong and China. I like studying the differences in the Cantonese and Mandarin language as well. The blog was the result of my randomness—my brain always suffers from my constant thinking and curiosity. I felt like I needed to store my thoughts before they faded away and so here it is, HK Girl Talk (well, a HK girl talking). The title can be misleading, but I love it. China Travel: The blog gives some great insights into the attitudes and perspectives of Hong Kongers and Mainland Chinese on things like food, language and love… what do you think is the biggest difference you've encountered so far? Jin: The biggest difference is that Hong Kongers and Mainland Chinese see things differently as Hong Kong becomes more dependent on China and the booming Chinese economy. Everyone wants to succeed in the changing system, but the Hong Kongers' primary goal is to survive, while the Mainlanders' goal is to enjoy and wallow. [pullquote] ... you just feel like a king if you go to, let's say, Guilin and pay for only RMB 0.1 for a giant 300g bun![/pullquote]Let's say there's a gigantic box of chocolate beans in different colors. Hong Kongers would categorize the chocolate beans by color, store them and eat them bit by bit. Mainlanders would just eat them all at once, resulting in the big belly that people consider to look "rich and affluent". China Travel: Have you traveled very much in Hong Kong and Mainland China? Tell us about your best experience so far. Jin: I did travel to China... you just feel like a king if you go to, let's say, Guilin and pay for only RMB 0.1 for a giant 300g bun! China Travel: And your worst? Jin: All the reminders of how Mainlanders care about family and like to feel at home... 1) Wearing pajamas (and sometimes carrying a baby) when going to luxury shopping malls 2) Taking off their shoes and putting their feet on the dining table in a good restaurants 3) Moms helping their children to pee in the middle of the street luxury shops Hong Kong China Travel: What are your top 5 recommendations for a visitor to experience the "real" Hong Kong? Jin: 1) Don't go to the Michelin-starred restaurants, because you'll just end up lining up for one hour and eating inside for only 20 minutes before being forced to leave by staff who are so efficient they take away your empty plates and glasses at light speed. Unless of course, you' re very desperate to take pictures to show to your friends... 2) Go to Canton Road (where you can find all the luxury fashion stores), and you will see long queues outside every brand and people squatting down in front of those extravagant display windows as if they're sitting on a toilet seat. local restaurant hong kong_local eating habits 3) To really feel like a local, when you go to a local restaurant, wash your utensils with the tea or big bowl of hot water they provide. 4) To feel the real spirit of a "gentle" Hong Kong guy, go to Mong Kok (one of the most densely-packed places in the world), and you'll see guys carrying their girlfriend's tiny little purse or pink umbrella. 5) For a very real but sad look at another side of Hong Kong, go to Tin Shui Wai. Most residents in this district in the New Territories are Mainland immigrants who couldn't find a job because of lack of education. It has a very high suicide rate. China Travel: What is the one thing that most surprised you on your first visit to Mainland China? Jin: Mainland Chinese have a lust for white skin (because it means being more rich). I remember they said "Oh your skin is so white… I want to be like that" when they saw me. In fact, I always go to the beach so my skin is very tanned already compared to normal Hong Kong people! China Travel: What would you miss most about Hong Kong if you were to leave tomorrow? Jin: I would miss that Hong Kong people have dinner at 10:00 p.m. and breakfast at 2:00 a.m., and watching lame TV shows or having massive amount of beer all night yet still manage to work from 9: 00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. the next day. China Travel: What three words sum up your life in Hong Kong? Jin: Ridiculous, busy, fun. If you've enjoyed meeting Jin and hearing what she has to say, visit her at Hong Kong Girl Talk.
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