Tiger Hill


RMB 40 (January-April 15); RMB 60 (April 16-June; November-December); RMB 80 (July-October)


7:30am-5pm daily

How to get there:

Tourist bus 游1 and 游 2, bus 146 and 949 go to the south entrance; bus 32 goes to the north entrance

Situated in the west of Suzhou, Tiger Hill (Hǔ Qiū, 虎丘) marks the burial ground of He Lu, the father of Suzhou. Atop the hill stands the Tiger Hill Pagoda (Hǔ Qiū Tǎ, 虎丘塔), which the Suzhounese love to compare to the Tower of Pisa. The 1000-year-old pagoda began tilting 400 years ago—a good while after the Pisan Tower and arguably less impressively.

The Tiger Hill grounds cover an area of about 14,000 sq m (approx. 3 acres) in total and is home to several historic buildings and landmarks. The burial site of He Lu, entombed here by his son in 476 BC, Verdant Mountain Villa and Lu Yu Well are all accessible and well maintained.

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