Liu Yuan (Lingering Garden)


April 16-Oct 30: RMB 40; Oct 31-April 15: RMB 30


7:30am-5pm daily

How to get there:

The garden is located at 338 Liu Yuan Lu (Liú Yuán Lù, 留园路), and is a short cab ride from anywhere in the city.

Originally built during the Ming Dynasty, Lingering Garden (Liú Yuán, 留园) is a 3 hectare (7 acre) park located 3 km (2 mi) outside of the Suzhou city center.

Designed by Zhou Shicheng, a local stone master, Lingering Garden is one of the most historic parks in China, officially named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

In addition to numerous pavilions and towers, the garden features a number of rockeries and small lakes, and the tranquil setting of the gardens has been an inpiration to budding and accomplished artists alike for centuries.

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