Jinji Lake (Jinji Hu)




24 hours daily

How to get there:

Plenty of buses stop around the lake including buses 138, 307, 108, 168, 100, 106, 156, 158, 206, 219, 28, 2, 47, 812, the Jinji Hu Touring Bus, Suzhou Science and Cultural Arts Center Night Bus and the Suzhou Industry Garden No.2 Special Line. You could also cab it; just say, "Jīnjī Hú" (金鸡湖)!


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Situated in the joint Singaporean-Chinese developed Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP), Jinji Lake (Jīnjī Hú, 金鸡湖) makes for a great change of pace if you've seen one too many of Suzhou's historic gardens.

Though the word "industrial" mars the name, the area around the lake is full of beautiful parks, residential areas and businesses which line a 15 km (9 mi) walkway around the lake's edge.

The Ferris Wheel Amusement Park (Mótiānlún Lèyuán, 摩天轮乐园), which is located on the east bank of the lake, takes its name from a 120 m (394 ft) tall Ferris Wheel on the banks of the lake that has a maximum capacity of 300.

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