Hanshan Temple (Cold Mountain Temple)


RMB 20



How to get there:

Take bus no. 9, 10, 44, 45, 300, 307, 324, 333, 406, 442, 415, 931, 932 or tourist bus 4 and get off at the Heshan Qiao stop (Hánshān Qiáo Zhàn, 寒山桥站) or Laifeng Qiao stop (Láifèng Qiáo Zhàn, 来凤桥站).

Cold Mountain Temple (Hánshān Sì, 寒山寺), named after a well-respected monk that lived during the short-lived Liang Dynasty, is one of China's most renowned Buddhist templesmainly in part for its role in several Chinese legends, folk stories and poems by Tang Dynasty poet, Zhang Ji.

Today's visitors admire the temple's unique black roof and domed bridge. Other buildings in the temple complex include a Grand Prayer Hall, Sutra-Collection Building, Bell Tower, Fengjiang Pavilion and Tablets Corridor. The surrounding gardens are well maintained and definitely worth a look.

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