Garden of the Master of Nets


RMB 30 in peak season; RMB 20 in off-season


8am-5pm; 7:30pm-10pm daily

How to get there:

Located on Dai Cheng Qiao Lu (Dài Chéng Qiáo lù, 带城桥路), it can be reached by bus lines 202, 204, 529, 931, 47, 501, 55, or by taxi.

The smallest but most renowned Suzhou garden, the Garden of the Master of Nets (Wǎngshī Yuán, 网师园) welcomes visitors into another world. Lattice windows within the residence perfectly frame scenes of delicate flowers and bamboo outside while elaborate rock gardens complement adjacent fish ponds.

Representative of classic Chinese garden design, no distinction is made between the natural or the man-made and the amazing use of space means visitors don't feel crowded, despite the small size. A must-see in Suzhou.

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