Couple's Garden


Peak season: RMB 20, off season: RMB 15


8am-4:30pm daily

How to get there:

The garden is off of Cang Jie (Cāng Jiē, 仓街), east of Pingjiang Lu, in the northeast of the city. It's marked on all city maps.

Less frequented than the other UNESCO gardens in Suzhou, the Couple's Garden (ǒu Yuán, 耦园), sometimes referred to as the Couple's Retreat Garden, was first developed during the 18th century, before being rebuilt by a magistrate from nearby Susong county at the end of the 19th century.

Surrounded by canals on three sides, and divided into two parts (the "couple" from which it takes its name), it's a fine place to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the tourist hordes that often overwhelm the more popular gardens.

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