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Taxis are convenient in Suzhou. Base rate is RMB 10 for the first 3 km and RMB 1.8 per additional kilometer.


Another cheap and interesting way to get around Suzhou is by pedicab. The base rate is RMB 2, and for a longer trip, the price is higher. Remember to bargain. It is better to fix the price before you start rolling.


Traveling around Suzhou by bike is another good choice. You can rent a bike beside the Railway Station or on Shiquan Street (Shíquán Jiē, 十全街). The price is reasonable, and it is a popular way to travel around town. Remember to lock the bike when you don't use it. You may be asked for ID and generally you'll have to leave a deposit of up to RMB 200.

To and From Suzhou


Most people fly to Suzhou via Shanghai at Hongqiao International Airport or Pudong International Airport first and then take a train or bus on to Suzhou. It is quite convenient since Suzhou is located on the Jinghu Railway linking Shanghai and Nanjing—a line that as of 2007 includes new express trains that can make the trip in a little over half an hour. There are many other classes of train running between Shanghai and Nanjing—check at the station for class and price. Normally, it should take between 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours to get to Suzhou from Shanghai. Note that last-minute tickets can be hard to come by, especially during holidays, so order in advance if possible.

See Ctrip for more about ordering train tickets in China.


Regional buses from Shanghai can also get you to Suzhou. There are two large regional bus stations at Zhongxing Road (Zhōngxìng Lù, 中兴路) and Shilong Road (Shílóng Lù, 石龙路), each providing more than 20 buses every day heading for Suzhou. It should cost a bit over RMB 30 and take about 1 1/2 hours, though highway traffic can sometimes slow things down. Tour buses in Shanghai departing from Shanghai Stadium make same-day return trips each day.


Located along the Grand Canal, Suzhou enjoys great water transportation from various cities along the Canal including Shanghai, Zhenjiang (in Jiangsu Province) and Hangzhou. Though it may not be the most comfortable way to go, it's affordable often charming.

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