Stephan Larose's Wudang Shan photo diary: Local life pt. 3

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Posted: May 31st, 2010 | Updated: October 24th, 2010 | Comments
Aspiring author, videographer, and editor Stephan Larose is currently traveling in Wudang Shan, China, documenting the whilrwind of change that is re-orientation the local economy towards tourism, as well as the effects these changes are having on local traditions--those forming the core of some of China's greatest heritage. While on the road producing a documentary film and two books on the area, Stephan is keeping us posted on what he sees and learns while there.
Continued from part 2.

Flowers on a trail just behind the town.

Just behind the city temple, trails wind up the mountain where terraced fields of tea plants texture the landscape. Car horns and piercing drills soon give way to the subdued chirps and organic cadences of nature. Despite the roughshod, detritus-littered landscape tumbling hyper-development produces, there are still plentiful pockets of beauty and quiet throughout ...

Flowers meant for tea dry on a table on the sidewalk.

Cute. Proud. A homeless puppy stands watch in his noble abode.

A friend intervenes on his friend's behalf in a street-side game of chess.

Though most of the town is a huge construction zone, some spots are still pretty.

Construction is constant in Wudang Shan. Structures go up in days, even when built by hand.

Stephan Larose's Wudang Shan photo diary: Local life part 1 Stephan Larose's Wudang Shan photo diary: Local life part 2 All pictures by Stephan Larose.
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