Slideshow: Graffiti leads the charge in Shanghai's Moganshan Lu/M50 art zone

Culture | by David Perry
Posted: March 4th, 2011 | Updated: March 8th, 2011 | Comments
[showtime] Click on the image above to start the slideshow featuring images by Stephan Larose. Moganshan Lu, in the north of Shanghai just below Suzhou Creek, is the site of Shanghai's densest concentration of art galleries, with around 50 of them enjoying loft spaces on old factory ground (hence the complexes "M50" tag). As one of the city's only free-fire zones for street artists, the concrete construction wall running alongside the street has served for years as an evolving outdoor graffiti museum. Globe-trotting writers make their mark, and emerging Chinese talents like Popil regularly put their latest up. M50's galleries show some quality work to be sure, but for fresh blasts of  urban art, the Moganshan graffiti wall is hard to beat. And it's always worth a return visit--the wall changes constantly as new work goes up over the old. Looking for more Shanghai graffiti pics? Try Ctrip YouTube channel (or Youku) for Stephan's video travel diary (shot with Sascha Matuszak) featuring footage from Moganshan Lu and other Shanghai urban hot spots.
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