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How to get there:

Conveniently, this destination boasts its own metro station, called (obviously) the Window of the World Station (Shìjièzhīchuāng Zhàn, 世界之窗站), serviced by both the Luobao Line (Luōbǎo Xiàn, 罗宝线) and the Shekou Line (Shékǒu Xiàn, 蛇口线).

Window of the World (Shìjiè Zhī Chuāng, 世界之窗) is a theme park directed at Chinese tourists new to world travel. In fact, rather than encourage the inquisitive noveau-riche to go out and actually see the world, Window of the World simply encourages them to go to Shenzhen where they can see all of mankind's major attractions in about two hours.

While often described as miniature, the sites are by no means dollhouse-sized; the scale is roughly 1:15, so they're actually quite big. Everything's here—the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, Manhattan, the Grand Canyon—so if you're curious about China's take on the world, head to Shenzhen to gain a little perspective.

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