The Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens


RMB 20; RMB 10 for children and students


8am- 6pm

How to get there:

Located at 160 Xianhu Lu (Xianhú lù, 仙湖路). Take bus no 218, 512 or 467 bus and get off at the Botanical Gardens' stop.

The Fairy Lake Botanical Gardens (Xianhú Zhíwùyuán, 仙湖植物园) are located at the base of Mt. Wutong (Wútóng Shān, 梧桐山), the highest point in or around Shenzhen. The gardens are a nice, green retreat from the city's concrete towers and are a pleasant change of pace from industry and entertainment heavy Shenzhen. There is active botanical research going on in and around the grounds of the gardens and the collection is still expanding. Southern Chinese flora is well represented, with impressive palm and bamboo exhibits.

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