Splendid China


RMB 120



How to get there:

 Take Metro Line 1 and get off at Huaqiaocheng Station (Huáqiáochéng Zhàn, 华侨城站), and then take Exit D.

Splendid China (Jǐnxiù Zhōnghuá, 锦绣中华) is part of the theme park complex outside Shenzhen that includes the China Folk Culture Villages. All of China's natural and cultural landmarks are on display here, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City to Suzhou's famous gardens, with the grounds roughly resembling a shrunken China and the landmarks laid out accordingly. There's also cuisine from all over China, traditional performing arts, and buses to shuttle patrons around so you can see it all in a day. It is more or less a condensed China tailored for the tourist, so if you plan on traveling outside of Shenzhen, it will provide a miniature taste of what's to come.

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