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There is plenty of five-star accommodation in Shenzhen, though the city can't hold a candle to neighboring Hong Kong or Macau in terms of sparkly luxury options. The good news is that deep discounts can be found, especially if you visit during the week (up to 50% off weekend prices), making Shenzhen's high-end hotels quite affordable. With all those foreign business-types coming to town, there's no shortage of business-type and mid-range hotels in Shenzhen, but these can always double as comfortable and convenient places for pleasure travelers to crash and take advantage of the gyms, spas, bars and copy machines with which they are often decked. Whether you're a high-roller coming to finalize that big deal or a curious visitor come to gawk at the theme-park capital of China in search of a budget stay, there's a hotel for you at whatever you consider to be a reasonable price (this is still Mainland China after all and the "always bargain" rule applies). 

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