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In Shenzhen they make and ship almost anything you might find in malls and discount stores around the globe, so you'd think you could find almost anything with the "Made in China" label. And with all the money that's pouring into the city, you'd think brand-name consumer goods from around the world would be filling the shelves of Shenzhen's stores. On both counts, you'd be right, though many domestic goods are cheaper elsewhere in Mainland China—though not in nearby Hong Kong—and, if you're not attentive, you might end up with a "Faked in China" designer Italian handbag or Swiss watch (then again, that might be exactly what you're looking for, though shoppers should take note of upgraded customs inspections in the U.S. and elsewhere—that authentic-enough-for-your-myopic-uncle-looking Rolex might not fool the officials at LAX or O'Hare).

Shenzhen does shopping big, with giant malls and bazaars making it easy for shoppers to browse endless shops full of clothing, watches, bags, DVDs, golf clubs, toys, cell phones and electronics—you name it. Dongmen Night Market (东门步行街) is a great place to extend a buying bender, staying open until midnight. The enormous Lu Won Shopping Center (Luōhú Shāngyè Chéng, 罗湖商业城) offers five floors crammed with consumer goods, including leading luxury brands. The Jia Le Fu Bazaar near Fuyong Town (not to be confused with French supermarket chain Carrefour which also shares the same Chinese pronunciation: Jiālèfú, 家乐福, and has several stores in Shenzhen) is one of a number of markets where savvy hagglers can get rock-bottom prices on clothing, shoes and electronics. Keep in mind that every spring most of the stores in town slash prices, usually around April time.

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