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tiě, 港铁) via the Lok Ma Chau Station (Luòmǎ zhōu zhàn, 落馬洲站), where a short trip on the East Rail Spur Line takes you to the MTR East Rail Line (Dōng tiě xiàn, 東鐵綫), connecting you to the entire Hong Kong MTR system.

The other way to access Hong Kong from Shenzhen on the metro is via the significantly busier Luohu Station (Luōhú zhàn, 罗湖站) at the end of the Shenzhen Metro Luobao Line (Luō bǎo xiàn, 罗宝线). After passing immigration, you can access the Lo Wu Station (Luóhú zhàn, 羅湖站) on the Hong Kong side and take the MTR East Rail Line into Hong Kong.


Several long-distance bus stations in Shenzhen operate routes around Guangdong Province and beyond to cities and provinces like Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Guangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang, Hebei, Anhui, Sanya, and Chengdu. The three major stations are Yinhu Bus Station (0755 8243 6053), Futian Bus Station (0755 8358 7526) and Luohu Bus Station (0755 8232 1670).

Shenzhen to Hong Kong by bus:

Taking a bus from Shenzhen airport to Hong Kong is easy and relatively inexpensive. Chinalink Bus Company Limited runs buses every half hour, and the tickets are purchased in the arrival hall of Shenzhen airport. Tickets are RMB 80. The bus will take you to a border crossing, where you take your luggage off the bus and pass through customs. Be aware that if you take too long at customs, the bus you were on will leave and you will have to wait for the next bus to arrive. The bus delivers passengers at the Kowloon Station (Jiǔlóng zhàn, 九龍站) on the Tung Chung Line (Dōng yǒng xiàn, 东涌线), from where you can access the rest of the Hong Kong MTR system and get wherever you need to go.


Eight passenger ports line Shenzhen's harbor including Yantian, Shekou (Shékǒu Gǎng, 蛇口港) , and Chiwa. The Shekou Port, located at the intersection of Gang'ao Dadao and Nanhai Dadao in Nanshan District marks the most convenient travel point, with regular lines to and from Zhuhai, Guangzhou, Macau, Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Shenzhen to Hong Kong by boat:

There are a number of ferry services that run between the Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau airports, including high speed ferry company, TurboJET. In order to take any of these high speed ferries between the three airports, you must have a valid visa (if applicable) and a plane ticket with same day departure. Keep in mind that these ferries are for transit between airports only, and do not make any stops besides the airports.

For those traveling from Shenzhen to Hong Kong from the city itself, there are ferries that run between Shekou Port just outside of downtown Shenzhen to the Hong Kong/Macau Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong. Tickets cost RMB 110 and the trip is about an hour. You can also take a ferry from Shekou Port to Hong Kong SkyPier at the Hong International Airport. The trip is about 30 minutes and costs RMB 260. 

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