Baimang Snow Mountain


RMB 40


Between December and April roads in the area are closed due to heavy snow.

How to get there:

Cutting through the Baimang Nature Reserve, the Yunnan-Tibet Highway takes in most of the major scenic spots. The bus from Shangri-La, a.k.a. Zhongdian, to Diqing (Díqìng, 迪庆) departs four times per day (7:20am, 8:20am, 9:20am and 12pm; RMB 33; 5-6 hours) and allows for a good overview of the scenery from the window but the best way to experience the area is to hire a car from Zhongdian and stop at the reserve en route to Meili Shan and explore off road.

The perennial snow-capped Baimang Snow Mountain (Báimáng Xuěshān, 白茫雪山) is located in the midst  of the Hengdgun Mountain range between deep canyons carved by the Jinsha and Lancang rivers.  

Baimang Mountain spreads over 187,977 hectares (464,501 acres) with the main peak rising 5,640 m (18,504 ft) above sea level. As the name implies, the mountain is topped by snow all year around.

Surrounding the mountain is Yunnan's largest and highest national reservation area, the Baimang Mountain Nature Reserve, where forests, lakes, canyons, plants and wildlife abound. In the summer months the mountain is carpeted with azaleas. 

The area is also the main habitat of Yunnan golden monkeys, a rare animal under national protection.

About 82 km (51 mi) north along the Yunnan-Tibet Highway is Songtsam Benzilan, the ancient gorge leading into Tibet. Further up the highway are two of the park's highlights, the Gedandong Bamboo Forest Temple and the Botanic Park.

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