Yuyintang Livehouse


Varies nightly


8pm-2am daily

How to get there:

Take a cab to 1731 Yan'an Xi Lu (Yán'ān Xī Lù, 延安西路), near Kaixuan Lu (Kǎixuán Lù, 凯旋路;the entrance is actually on Kaixuan Lu) or head there from Metro Lines 3 and 4 Yan'an Xi Lu Station.

Yuyintang (Yùyīntáng, 育音堂) is Shanghai's most storied and consistent live music venue.  Literally meaning "place where music happens," Yuyintang offers live music Wednesday through Sunday, hosting acts of all musical genres and degrees of proficiency. Concerts range from local showcases, to jam sessions, top-tier Chinese bands to foreign artists.

In addition to the livehouse, Yuyintang is also conveniently located on the grounds of Shanghai's Tianshan Park, making the venue a superlative hangout in the spring and fall.

If you're in Shanghai and are interested in seeing some live music, Yuyintang should definitely be your first stop.

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