Jade Buddha Temple


RMB 20 (Additional RMB 10 for entry to the Jade Buddha Chamber)


8am-4:30pm daily

How to get there:

Head to Metro Line 7 Changshou Lu Station. From there, go south on Changde Road (Chángdé Lù, 常德路) then left on Anyuan Road to 170 Anyuan Road, near the intersection with Jiangning Road.

Buses 13, 19, 24, 36, 54, 63 can also get you there.


(86 21) 6266 3668


www.yufotemple.com (Chinese)

The Jade Buddha Temple (Yùfó Chán Sì, 玉佛禅寺) was built during the troubled reign of the Qing Emperor Guangxu (1875-1908) and burned down after having been occupied during the 1911 revolution. The temple takes its name from the original two white jade Buddha statues that abbot Hui Gen brought with him from Burma—a sitting statue about 1.95 m (almost 6 1/2 ft) in height and a smaller reclining Buddha.

Today's temple also contains a third, even larger Buddha from Singapore. During the 1911 upheaval, the original jade Buddha statues were removed for safety. Between 1918 and 1928, the Jade Buddha Temple we see today was constructed on Anyuan Road (Ānyuǎn Lù, 安远路) in the architectural style of the Song Dynasty. Composed of several separate buildings, it is a working temple in which monks live, study and perform rites.

In addition to serving the faithful on a daily basis, the temple houses the Shanghai Buddhist Institute, in which many ancient statues, paintings, a complete set of Qing-era Buddhist scriptures and over 7,000 other rare scriptures are kept.

For the faithful looking to get served food, the Jade Buddha Temple Vegatrian Restaurant (Yùfó Sì Sùzhāi Guǎn, 玉佛寺素斋馆) on the upper floor offers meat-free meals including fake meat, many made from potatoes or mushrooms. It's possible to go straight to the restaurant via the entrance on Jiangning Road (Jiāngníng Lù, 江宁路) or by letting the staff at the temple know you're just there for the food (don't forget your receipt).

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