Dongtai Road Antiques Market (Dongtai Lu)




9am-6pm daily

How to get there:

Located on the pedestrianized cross streets of Dongtai Road and Liuheke Road (Dōngtái Lù hé Liúhékǒu Lù, 东台路和浏河口路), 5 minutes walk from Metro Lines 8 and 10 Laoximen Station, exit 5.

Head north up South Xizang Road (Xīzàng Nán Lù, 西藏南路) and left onto Liuhekou Road, which takes you into the market. You can also direct a taxi to the cross streets.

The Dongtai Road Antiques Market (Dōngtái Lù, Dōngtái Lù) is a veritable treasure trove of knick-knacks and curios, though the "antiques" are of more than dubious authenticity. Great for picking up souvenirs and gifts, stalls sell everything from Mao memorabilia and terracotta warriors to vintage cigarette posters and tea sets. Prices will start sky high so be sure you know how to bargain in China.

If you're looking for something of a little higher caliber, the shops behind the stalls offer somewhat better quality, but you'll see the difference in the prices.

Find it on the Shanghai Markets Map.

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