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How to get there:

Dino Beach is located at 78 Xinzhen Road, Qibao (Qībǎo Xīnzhèn Lù,七宝镇新镇路78号).

A taxi from downtown Shanghai will take around 45 minutes, but it's just as easy to walk or take a five-minute taxi ride from Metro Lines 1 and 5 Xinzhuang Station.

Call it crowded and undignified, but there is nothing quite as fun on a humid summer day than spending a whole afternoon or evening playing at Dino Beach (Rèdàifēngbào, 热带风暴).

With 3 acres (1 hectare) of water park, waterslides, tube rentals, junk food stands, beach volleyball courts, Asia's largest wave pool, a river to float along in a dinghy, a man-made beach—Dino has something for everybody from the little kids to the big kids.

And the great thing about Dino Beach is that it's only 45 minutes by car or metro from downtown Shanghai, making it an ideal escape when the weather gets too hot to handle. The well-maintained water park opens for the summer in late June and stays open until early September.

The best plan is to try to come on a weekday, but if you must go on the weekend, it makes sense to come later in the day (after 4pm) both for discounts on entry and because in early evening the water park gets a lot quieter when the crowds head home.

You can't bring food or drink on the premises, but they do serve up pizza, hotdogs, ice cream, chicken wings, smoothies and other sweet stuff (no beer, however). Storage lockers are available, but towels are not provided.


Admission varies by day and time (before or after 4pm). Children under 0.8 m (2 ft 6 in) always get in for free while children under 1.5 m (4 ft 11 in) pay RMB 120. On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, tickets are RMB 120 all day. On Wednesday ("Hot Babes Day"), women pay RMB 120, men pay RMB 150. On Friday, tickets before 4pm are RMB 150 and RMB 120 after. On weekends, tickets are RMB 200 before 4pm and RMB 150 after.

Opening Hours

The park is open from June to September. The park opens from Tuesday to Sunday at 10am and at 1pm on Mondays. From June to late August, the park closes at 11pm on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday and at 12am on Tuesday and Friday to Saturday. At the end of August into September, the park closes every day at 10pm.

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